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About Us

With the offshore market thriving growing, business opportunities tend to grow day by day and the Brazilian offshore industry has increased in the last eight years at least to it seems that will continue to grow for a long time.

With this expansion, the industry needed companies with experience to offer effective solutions to its customers. It was to meet this demand, the TAPB Group was formed in 2007, dedicated to national and international companies operating in the Brazilian Oil & Gas, specifically companies and research vessels, explorers and oil producers.

The Group embryo emerged in the mid-1990s, when the oil industry was still weak and virtually all maritime agencies were instructed to serve long-distance ships only.

Solana, the company that originated the Group, came the idea of ​​doing something different from your competitors. The first big leap in the sector occurred with the end of the oil monopoly Petrobras and foreign companies began migrating to Brazil. It was at this point that the pioneering spirit of TAPB Group has borne fruit.

Today, TAPB Group comprises several companies, all designed to serve the oil industry.


Our mission is to serve with dedication, responsibility and knowledge of the business, following the safety requirements, environment and health, creating a relationship of trust with our clients in harmonious organizational environment.

TAPB Group has four principles that over the years have become part of the group's philosophy:

Customer: Permanent satisfaction through personalized service and continues upgrade processes, investing in improving their activities and their professional.

Security: Ensure that activities carried out both as Onshore Offshore run correctly and fairly in relation to its shareholders, suppliers and government, with minimal risk to people, property and the environment.

Focus on the result: Always seek to maximize performance, as a way to ensure the continuity, investments and leading position of the company, generating clear and comprehensive information about their activities, achievements, policies and performance in a systematic way and accessible.

Employee: We value each of our employees, acting with integrity and in accordance with universal norms of good human society, without discrimination of race, sex, creed, religion or function, constantly promoting inter and multidisciplinary interaction, professional development, through a solid network of benefits and providing a suitable working environment.